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AT AFN we have developed and implemented our own strict set of quality and production processes, which go beyond those set forth by the USDA for our industry, which helps us create the healthiest, best tasting meats available today.

A Strong Foundation

AFN’s standards exceed current industry regulations, practices, and qualifications. It’s not enough to simply meet these requirements — we’re setting the high bar on standards.


Quality is our Northstar

At AFN, we believe that every aspect of the process is crucial to the quality of products we sell. From partnering with local family ranchers who raise their cattle on pasture to how our meat is finished and packaged, we deliver the best.



All of the independently owned farms we work with are right here in the continental United States. The majority of our farms can be found in the grasslands west of the Rocky Mountains, where our nation’s best supply of grasses are: Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado.


From farm to distribution

Our foundation is built on ethical farming practices and on partnerships with ranchers who share our belief in raising cattle with common sense. That foundation, along with the modern distribution system we’ve developed, provides us the ability to create great tasting beef and the means to distribute it, and other foodstuffs we sell, across the United States.



Simply put: our meat tastes great because of everything we don’t put into it: no antibiotics or growth hormones ever. No grain. Non-GMO. Just honest to goodness 100% grass-fed beef.

AFN’s Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture

We believe in treating the earth the way it deserves to be treated

A truly regenerative system is one of stewardship and of social, economic, and ecological investment—an investment in soil, in animals, and in ranchers. Ranchers are the stewards of the land, and with the power of regenerative agriculture, can completely change the direction of our future. AFN is dedicated to preserving and protecting that future.

By preserving grasslands and revitalizing soil through regenerative agricultural practices, we’re growing a thriving and humane ecosystem for better beef, and a better world.

Free & Happy Living

100% Grass-Fed Beef

We work with small, family-run farms that only feed their cattle grass. Grass-fed beef is lower in calories, higher in “good” saturated fats (and lower in all the “bad” fats), and full of more vitamins and minerals. But it’s not just better-tasting beef. This practice is also better for the animals and for the environment and land conservation. By utilizing rotational grazing practices throughout the seasons, our ranchers preserve native biodiversity, improve soil fertility and eliminate the waste-management issues associated with conventional, confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

Better for You.

Better for the Land.

Better for the Animals.

Our Ranchers

We work with farms that are independently owned and family-run. These are farms that believe in the same things we do: better quality of life for animals, better environmental practices, and great tasting, excellent quality meat.

Over 2,000 Independently Owned and Operated US Family Farms

We Only Ship Fresh Meats

All of our products are shipped at the peak of freshness and follow every one of our customer’s unique product specifications and requests. This specific custom approach ensures product quality and taste, and allows all products to arrive in perfect condition, no matter the destination.

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