Our Story

Everyone at American Farmers Network believes in a better future, quite literally from the ground up — from pasture to plate, from hands to hearts — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our Mission

To bring high-quality, responsibly produced food we’re proud of to the world.

Our Roots

American Farmers Network believes that raising cattle on pasture is just the start of a new standard. Our network of ranchers strives every day toward the highest standards of responsible land management and humane handling practices, and we fully support them in their efforts. We believe in leaning into our heritage while embracing innovation at the same time, which allows us to deliver products that are fresher and healthier than anything else available on the market today.

Working on Purpose

We are industry leaders and production innovators. We believe it’s not enough to simply meet our industry’s requirements — we go beyond them and then create new standards for others to follow.



AFN is leading by example to maintain credible, transparent standards that are better for humans, for the environment, and for animals.


Made in the USA

Each of the independently owned and operated farms we work with are right here in the continental United States, making AFN one of the truly 100% domestic suppliers of high-quality beef.


Traditional Values, Modern Methods

Our foundation is built on ethical farming practices and on sourcing from ranchers who share the same belief in raising cattle with common sense. While that foundation gives us the ability to create amazing food, we still have a modern distribution system to deliver all our great meats and other products across the United States efficiently.



We’ve put our relationships with local ranchers at the forefront of our business because we know we can’t do this alone and because true sustainability is built on long-term relationships. Together, we share the same goal: to deliver products worthy of our dinner table and yours.

Our Promise to Mother Nature

Nature’s cycles are complex, and we recognize how interdependent we are on one another. Practicing regenerative agriculture allows us to produce the highest quality, purest meats possible while putting the health of our customers and our planet first.

Regenerative agriculture promotes biodiversity and rotational grazing practices; it ensures that animals are free from discomfort, stress, pain, and hunger; it provides good working conditions for ranchers and long-term commitments, as well as transparency and accountability with all partners along the supply chain. It also utilizes authentic, traditional farming methods instead of using harsh chemicals or disruptive practices. These practices maintain and restore animal habitats, keep carbon where it belongs—in the soil—and allows for healthier, happier animals. Through these means, AFN is dedicated to healthier living and minimal environmental impact for generations to come.

Our History

Two Good Sons and One Great Idea

AFN was founded in 2004 when two brothers turned their entrepreneurial experience with an e-commerce company they had built into a new venture called Two Good Sons, which features the brand, American Farmers Network. After moving from Hong Kong to Seattle to be closer to their parents, the brothers were concerned over the number of medications their mother was being prescribed by doctors for ailments ranging from high cholesterol to high blood pressure so they asked themselves what they could do to help their mother. That question eventually led them to a doctor in Los Angeles, CA, who was a holistic practitioner, and the first doctor who inquired about what kinds of foods she was eating. Nine months after modifying her diet she felt terrific and was able to stop taking medications – no high blood pressure, no vertigo, and no bad cholesterol. Then the brothers wondered “how many people in America have these issues? What can we do to help them too?” Quickly, their mission grew into a straightforward goal: to help more Americans eat healthier food. And that is why AFN is in the grass-fed cattle business today—and how they became the nation’s largest grass-fed beef company.

“For us, the most important thing is doing the right thing.”

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