Our Beef

From filet mignon, to ribeye steaks, to ground beef, American Farmers Market produces the best, healthiest, freshest cuts of 100% grass-fed beef.

The AFN Difference

The AFN Difference
100% Domestic

Born, raised, and processed in the USA

100% Grass Fed, 100% Domestic, 100% Angus, Certified Humane®, Pasteurized, Non-GMO Project Verified. No antibiotics or added growth hormones. Ever.


All Free-Range

All American Farmers Network ranges are all natural or certified organic.


Healthiest Beef Possible

Because the lifecycle of our cows isn’t accelerated with hormones, these animals mature in the spring when forage is bursting with new growth and is filled with seeds and nutrients. Those nutrients end up in the meat and result in a healthy and delicious product.

Why Our Process
is So Important

Our foundational principles drive every decision we make. We adhere to these principles because it’s the right thing to do, and we believe in providing the best possible meat to you and your family. We do this because we care about the health of our livestock, the health of the family ranchers, the health of our environment, and most importantly, the health of you, our valued customer. Every decision we make about what we eat impacts our health. Making an investment in the foods that benefit our health on the front side with safer, more nutritious food, prevents higher healthcare costs later. We do this because organic farming produces happier healthier livestock, which results in leaner, more tender, more wholesome, high-quality meat.


At AFN, sustainability is simple. Our ranchers raise animals naturally, without hormones or chemicals, and it is their hands-on attention to detail we know we can trust from start to finish. Our shared values are based on trust and transparency.


Our support of local ranchers empowers them to create a better future using sustainable farming practices. Together, we create long-term, positive solutions for our planet and for rural economies.

Safety & Sanitation

All of our meat processing facilities are USDA inspected plants with multiple third party validation and oversight. This includes audits by an organic certification agency as well as audits by Silliker Food Safety Systems and other appropriate parties. Every facility implements systematic Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures. Conventional plants use industrial solvents for cleaning and sanitation, however, our facilities use approved organic citric acid, steam pasteurization, UV light, steam vacuuming and other safe, wholesome methods for meat processing and food preparation.

Our Resources

We’re in the cattle business. We don’t own the farms, just the cattle. And we are true partners of the ranchers who raise the cattle according to our protocols.

We offer a variety of raw materials and specific products that fit virtually every need. And offer natural and organic lines that are 100% Angus and 100% domestic.

Exceptional Scalability

Because we own our animals and partner with so many ranchers, we lead the industry in being able to scale up for any customer need much faster than anyone else can.

Diverse Offerings

Because we access the full carcass of every animal we raise, we can offer the primals, sub-primals, case ready steaks, bricks, burgers and more to our retail customers and can easily balance the whole carcass by selling trimmings to our wholesale partners.

Going Above and Beyond

We hold ourselves to a higher standard than the rest of the industry, and that’s reflected in the farms we choose to partner with.

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